Cathryn Marie Record-Horn

 Fort Worth- Cathryn Marie Record-Horn, passed away on April 8, 2021

On Thursday April 8th Cathryn Marie Record-Horn, loving wife, mother of two, and grandmother of many, passed away at the age of 63. Cathryn was born on April 15th, 1957 in Fort Worth Texas to Gloria and Tony Record.  She received her art teaching degree in 1984 and finished her Master of Education in 2004. She stared teaching at the Fort Worth museum of science and history. Finishing her career as a virtual special education teacher in 2021. In January 1979, she married the love of her life Rick Horn. Together they raised one son Nicholas Horn and one daughter Anastasia Horn. 

Cathryn had a passion for teaching and art, she was a fun-loving mother to many and always willing to help anyone in need. She was dedicated to her community and always volunteering to help where she could. She was collector of many unique things like her misunderstood mice collection. She was known for her quick wit and infectious smile and her kind and compassionate spirit. She will be missed by so many. 

Cathryn was proceeded in death by her father, Tony, and her mother, Gloria, her husband, Rick, her brothers, Jim and Danny. 

Survivors-She is survived by her two children Nicholas and Anastasia; brother, Ned Record and wife, Jessica; sister, Gayle Record; grandchildren, Alexis, Brandon, James, and Toby. 

Service-A memorial service will be held on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 at Baumgardner Funeral Home 3704 Benbrook Highway, Fort Worth TX, 76116  At 11:00 am 

In lieu of flowers please consider donations to one of her favorite charities Autism Speaks, Alzheimer’s Association, or Kids Who Care performing arts group.

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  1. Cathryn was my neighbor and a kind soul. She always had time to chat and we looked out for each other’s homes when we were away. She had a good sense a humor and loved talking politics. She was proud of her family. She will be greatly missed.

  2. Cathryn I was so shocked to hear about your passing. I know you will be missed by all who new you. I love you dear cousin. My you Rest In Peace.
    All my love

  3. We count ourselves lucky to have spent so much time with Cathryn volunteering at Kids Who Care. She served tirelessly and spent many hours sewing, playing tour guide, and planning camp days. Her continuous support of the staff, students, international visitors, and other KWC parents will be deeply missed. She was a endless bundle of energy!

  4. Sending my heartfelt condolences to the family. Cathryn was my friend from grade two on. We grew up together. I remember many fun times with her in Blue Birds, Camp Fire Girls, sleepovers and parties. We used to go shopping together as young girls and I remember on one such trip we bought a 45 record together. It was the very first record I owned at I shared it with a ‘record’. It was the Beatles release of ‘Let It Be.’ We shared lots of things but mostly we shared our dreams and laughed a lot. Of course, as we grew up, I moved away from the neighbourhood to go to college and then to live overseas in Australia. However, we still kept in touch and would try to get together when I came back to Ft Worth. One time she even arranged for a few of our old crowd to meet for Mexican Food and to reminisce after spending the day taking me around to all of our childhood haunts. She was like that, always thinking of others. It makes me sad to know she won’t be around to laugh with the next time I’m back in Ft Worth. Cathryn will always remain in my heart. Love her always. She was such a sweet lady❤️

  5. Worked with Catherine several years ago. Catherine had such a wonderful spirit nothing or no one could get her down. Truly will be missed.

  6. Our condolences to the family. The many times we saw Cathryn, she always had a smile on her face.

  7. While working in Special Ed, I had the pleasure of getting to know Cathryn. She was a great advocate for her students and cared deeply for not only their academic growth, but how they were doing as a whole. She was very friendly, and I enjoyed our conversations at various school outings. Cathryn, your kind spirit will be greatly missed. My deepest sympathies are with her family. My prayers will be with you.

  8. My condolences to the family. She was a wonderful person, always smiling and making others smile. I worked with her and met her during school events. She will be truly missed !

  9. My darling friend Anastasia ❤ my deepest sympathy for you and your family. I hope you know how much you are missed and loved.

  10. Cathryn was a champion for those who could not champion for themselves. I Send heartfelt condolences to her family. Meredith Sapp

  11. Sending my love and prayers to the family. Cathryn was my friend from 2nd grade. We grew up together. I remember many fun times with her in Blue Birds, Camp Fire Girls, sleepovers and parties at her house. We shared our funny passion for the series Dark Shadows- we would run to her house after school to watch, my mom wouldn’t let me watch lol 🤫!! And then every night we would both lay in our beds and be terrified! She and I went on a double date I think to the 6th grade Daggett Middle School with our twin boyfriends Kerry and Kevin, I’m looking for that picture. We were also in a talent show, she was the most beautiful ballerina. Very talented gymnast . She even arranged for a few of our old crowd to meet for Mexican Food at Casa Linda on 8th Avenue and to reminisce with old friends. I will miss her and will Love her always. ❤️ I’m so sorry for those of us that knew her. My heart ❤️ hurts. My prayers go out to all the family, I know she was so loved.

  12. I knew Cathryn through her son, Nick, and granddaughter, Alexis, teaching both. She was so devoted to them. Many memories and moments. God Bless her, and them.

  13. During family gatherings when we were children, Cathryn and her unique and talented family always amazed me. I remember her most from those days, so I still visualize her as a tiny, beautiful, young child. My condolences to Cathryn’s family and other loved ones.

  14. Mrs Record Horn has been my case manager for two and half years before transferring to another. I am really going to be missing her, as I still can’t believe she’s gone. I wanted to call her one last time before I graduate. Before Mrs M Record Horn passed away, she gave me a hippo back in 2019, for my sister who passed away that year. She gave something to my sister that comforted her, in her last days. Now, when I think of that hippo, I’ll think of Mrs Record Horn and my sister. Thank you Mrs Record Horn, for helping me with my studies and my sister, I will never forget you. We will all miss you, God bless you and your family during these hard times. My condolence- Alien T. Mireles

  15. Oh Catherine, where did time go? I miss getting with you chatting about anything and everything.

    Our Deaf Community is forever grateful to you for including us in your Daggett 100 Year Reunion (2009). It was a blast. Only you, with your quirky fun ways, made us all feel so special.

    Now am going way back down Memory Lane… met you in first grade. Whenever we had recess outdoors we ll be giggling…talking.. playing 4 Square and kickball.

    You corrected my punctuation knowing I couldn’t hear to say words properly. Along the way you picked up a few signs so you could communicate with other deafies in my class.

    Most of all, your kindness/compassion won us over. We had separate buildings. Your building had the principal, auditorium, cafeteria as well as school library.

    My building was opposite yours through a walkway. Lots smaller. Special Education.

    Am remembering times when you , though tiny, ran as fast as your legs could to the opposite side, waving your arms saying “come on” whenever there was a meeting in auditorium or plays…book fairs. You made sure were not left out.

    We had a sign between us. Forever friends which we used whenever we saw each other. Am using that right now…pointing skyward.

    Catherine, I miss you.
    God Speed

    Terry Sue Lovelace Valentine

  16. she was a very special person whose laughter and antics always brought a smile to people’s faces. She will be missed greatly. She was a treasure to my daughter who was one of her students. If it weren’t for her funny antics and severe patience Tessa would have given up and not made it to graduation this year.

  17. Catherine, where did time go? Going down Memory Lane…you and I laughing. Giggling during recess playing Four Square. Kickball. This was first grade at Daggett.
    You took time to correct my punctuation whenever I struggled with a word. You even learned to sign so you could talk with my deaf classmates.
    What I remember most is your kindness/compassion .
    Even though we went to the same school , we were in separate buildings.
    Your building had the principal, cafeteria, auditorium. My building was smaller. Opposite yours by a walkway (Special Education). when ever there was a meeting, play, book fair or whatever was happening in that auditorium you made sure we were included. I still remember that tiny girl running across the opposite end (walkway) waving her arms saying “come on”.

    Most importantly you included Special Education in your November 14, 2009 Reunion. You didn’t forget us. We had a blast. Your funny quirky ways were heartfelt.

    We continued to be friends throughout the years. Every time we met we flashed our forever friends sign. Am now sending you that sign skyward.

    Until we meet again
    God Speed
    Terry Sue

  18. I know I’m late to the party, but I want to thank Mrs. Horn for being the best Social teacher I’ve ever had in my last 4 years of highschool. Fly high.

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