Sean Christopher Mitchell

Sean Christopher Mitchell, 52, passed away on March 14, 2021.

Sean was born in Olney Texas on October 6, 1968 and resided in Arlington Texas. Sean was known for his great conversations, his caring nature, his beautiful heart and his beautiful smile. He also was known for his amazing sales abilities.

Survivors-Sean is survived by his Wife, Elenita Sanico; children, Aaron Mitchell, Lance Mitchell, Lillian Mitchell; step-daughter, Kyla Sanico; Mother and Step Dad Wanda and Pj Hazleton; Grandson, Oliver Mitchell; brothers and sisters, Dustin Turner, Josh Mitchell, April Tyre, Raelene Ouellete, and Olivia Bassett.

Rest in peace Sean knowing how much you are loved and what a beautiful soul you are and that we will always be with you and you with us. 

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8 Thoughts and Wishes for “Sean Christopher Mitchell”

  1. I still can’t believe this is real. I don’t know how to come up with words that express how grateful I am for your love. Despite being raised separately, by each of our moms, you never made me feel any less your sister. I hung on every word you had when you shared our family history. You will never understand how much that meant to me, thank you!

    Your wisdom and humor always kept me engaged in conversation with you and you never failed to make me laugh, thank you!

    I will forever miss your kind, accepting, loving heart, big Bro! May God hold you in his loving care until we are together one day.

    Sis #2

  2. I missed you soo much honey. Kyla and the dogs missed you too. We love you very much. I’m going to missed our camping and fishing.. Thank you for taking care of me and the love you gave me and Kyla. Thank you for everything.You will be forever in our hearts. Rest In Peace in heaven honey. We Love you 😘😘😘

    Wife, Elenita❤️

  3. I can’t believe that you’re gone Sean. My brother from another mother. 25 years of friendship and brotherhood. So many great memories!

  4. 25 years ago we met. Worked together and stayed in touch. Never a dull moment with you brother. RIP Sean. You were always a joy to be around. A true stand up guy.

    Mike Elmore

  5. Hey you, my favorite Friend. We grew up together and had many laughs and some mischief. Sean, I’ll miss you forever and love our memories. I still can’t wrap my arms around this BS. You and I are sitting at a bar talking crap about this Disease. I will love you forever my brother. I will hold on to our memories, our laughs, our cries, your wishes. I’ll love u forever. Save me a place place next to you. You and I will keep heaven on their toes.

  6. Sean – Heaven is now a pretty lively place to be, since you have joined loved ones, friends there. Your outgoing presence, sense of humor, and caring nature will be warmly remembered. As will your great smile. Your love for family will remain in the hearts of all, who love you. May God’s love and grace always be with your loved ones. Your laughter/love/smile will remain in the hearts of those whom you hold dear.

  7. A mothers worst nightmare! Sean Christopher, life in general, and our family will never be the same without you here!

    There’s something very special about being with your child when he takes his first breath…. and then, being with your child when he takes his last breath!

    I love you forever, Sean. Our love goes with you and your love stays with us!

    I’m banking on seeing you again, son.

    Watch over Dutt Butt and Appy Dawn. They are having a really hard time with losing you as I am.

    They say it gets easier, but, somehow, I doubt it.

    Love you FOREVER!

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